Body kits Are Cool, but Is It Worth the Trade-Offs?

Body kits have been in the game for a while and nobody wanted to upgrade the aesthetics of their already looking great exotic cars, but these days why many people tend to buy a body kit for their vehicles? Is it just an upgrade to look or something more? Let’s find out, starting with the introduction to body kits.

It began in the 20th century as modified body parts to fit in stock cars, most commonly for front and rear bumpers, spoilers, hood, front and rear side guards, roof scoops and side skirts. The reason was to get a better appearance than the stock look. Mainly these body kits are made of polyurethane, fiberglass or carbon fiber. Fiberglass is more common, and Carbon fiber is rarer because of its costs.

Here’s a list of common body parts which a body kit can modify

  • Roof scoops
  • Side skirts
  • Fenders with vents
  • Bumper grilles
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Fender flares
  • Bumper canards
  • Custom hoods
  • Side scoops
  • Spoilers
  • Wide body fenders and quarter panels
  • Window louvers
  • Bumper splitters
  • One-piece front end
  • One-piece rear end
  • Bumper lips
  • Hood Scoops
  • Bumper diffusers

These days many people want unique things and just a factory look of a production car doesn’t impress them. People want something special, and these body kits complete their requirements. Instead of buying super expensive hypercars, they can now buy any supercar and throw a cool body kit on it. Because body kits are very cost-effective, getting a personalized look to a car is not expensive.

But these kits are not only for people who want better styling for the car, but performance-obsessed people also know its pros. Body kits can be designed to improve the aerodynamic flow of the car, which results in better performance. Using lightweight materials can improve fuel economy and also some of the kits claim to provide more safety.

There are cheap body kits and expensive ones too. One more advantage about these kits is you can have an older car and get better performance and very much improved looks only for a few thousand dollars.

But how about factory fitted body kits? Companies like Mansory, Brabus, Topcar, Gembella are called Tuning companies. They take a production car, and with the help of some engineers and designers, they improve performance and looks and sell it. Sometimes these cars are limited in numbers, so their cost is so high.

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest body kits and their prices.

Lamborghini Urus from Topcar design

  • Buy Body Kit for their Exotic cars Super cars Hyper cars
  • Buy Body Kit for their Exotic cars Super cars Hyper cars

This Topcar body kit for the 2019 Lamborghini Urus can cost around $60,000. The brand claims that this is the world’s first aerodynamic kit for the Urus and does not affect factory design.

The kit includes:

  • The hood.
  • The bottom part of the front bumper.
  • Lining on the front fenders.
  • Side splitters of the front and rear bumpers.
  • Front and rear fender extensions.
  • Side skirts.
  • Door moldings.
  • Two rear spoilers.
  • Rear bumper diffuser.

All the parts are made of carbon and are varnished at the end. Also, each part can be installed separately. They offer various colours and a Military style – camouflage color option, which is the first time in the industry.

2017 McLaren 720S by Mansory

  • mansory mclaren720s 01 Body kits Are Cool, but Is It Worth the Trade-Offs?
  • mansory mclaren720s 02 Body kits Are Cool, but Is It Worth the Trade-Offs?

The McLaren 720s is one of the most remarkable cars in the industry. Because of its elegant styling and amazing performance, it’s been at the height of fame since its launch in 2017.

A McLaren 720s tuned by Mansory can cost around $690,000, which is double the cost of the original car, but Mansory claims it has more engine power and acceleration. To be specific, it can go 0-100 in 2.8 sec with a top speed of 345 km/h.

The kit gives the car a facelift and also major changes in the interior. The kit is available in various colors. Check out here on the official Mansory site.

2017 Nissan GT-R R35 by Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk is a well-known Japanese company for its unique design styles. The company has proved their abilities since their first Lamborghini Murcielago work back in 2008.

Their Nissan GT-R is one of their finest work; the kit includes Front and Rear Diffuser, Front Bumper, Front Canard, Bonnet Hood, Rear Wing, Valenti LED Headlamp and Tail Lamp, Coil-Over and air suspension.

The price of the kit varies from $7,000 to $17,000, but the final look you get for your GT-R is undoubtedly worth every penny.

2015-2016 Ford Mustang kit by CQCV

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Moving to some less costly body kits, here’s the Ford Mustang kit from CQCV, which is a Chinese company and you can easily find their products on online shopping sites like Alibaba.

This is a wide body kit made with fiberglass and costs around $4,000 but changes the car’s look dramatically, making the car look cooler and more stylish. This kit has different parts, and it also includes a rear spoiler which improves vehicles traction by forcing down the rear end of the car and makes the car safer.


It seems like the body kit and tuning industry is growing so fast, and finding a desirable body kit for any vehicle is a piece of cake these days. But considering some disadvantages is also necessary like most replicable body kits can cost so high that even a single part could cost several hundred dollars. It’s a big investment if you have an old car.

Buying parts online, sometimes some parts don’t fit well to the car, and then you’ll have to return it. Even after purchasing the kit, you need to get all parts fitted and as everybody kit part with a black color you need to paint it, which could cost more and doing all that with taking care of budget is crucial.

Overall, factory fitter body kits are engineered to improve performance and safety, but they can get expensive. On the other hand, it’s easy to buy body kits online and get them fitted on the car if you have planned your budget properly.

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