Hyperion XP1 The First Hydrogen Hyper-car: Take A Look At All The Details About Design, Tech and Price

In this world of Bugatti and Koenigsegg, another million-dollar hypercar, but this is not the usual one. This car is power by hydrogen. This car is called Hyperion XP1 by a California-based automobile company Hyperion Motors.

This Los Angeles startup is headed by Angelo Kafantaris that has two divisions. One for aerospace, where hydrogen power is already a standard and another for creating hydrogen power infrastructure, and what better way to implement it in a vehicle.

This article has included all the numbers this Hyperion XP1 promises to give and other details, including hydrogen power, design especially Hyperion XP1 price and how much could it cost for the hydrogen tech.


  • Hyperion XP1 The First Hydrogen Hyper-car Hyperion XP1 price
  • Hyperion XP1 The First Hydrogen Hyper-car Hyperion XP1 price
  • Hyperion XP1 The First Hydrogen Hyper-car
  • Hyperion XP1 The First Hydrogen Hyper-car Hyperion XP1 price
  • Hyperion XP1 The First Hydrogen Hyper-car

The aesthetics of the car is something that would draw many eyes. The design of the car looks very modern and futuristic. The design element includes a ‘Solar Wing’, an active aerodynamic element to provide sufficient downforce. It is similar to spoilers, but it also doubles as solar panels, along with scissor doors, but they call it V-Wing Doors, inspired by the ‘Winged Victory of Samothrace.’

The Hyperion XP1 features a full glass canopy that provides a wide field of view of 180° to the user for enhanced driving. The canopy also allows controlling tint, which means you can control the amount of light entering the cabin to minimize cabin heat or privacy reasons.

Hyperion XP1 Interior Screen Cockpit

The interior has a 100-inch Center Screen, which is the longest touch screen display in any production vehicle. The Center Screen also can be controlled by hand gestures.

The XP1’s design is inspired by aerospace technology and looks nothing like we have seen before. By the looks of it its easy to say Hyperion XP1 price is can be in millions.


Hyperion XP1 is a hydrogen-powered sports car shown to the public on August 12, 2020. Right now, there is only one working model is made, but the car will go production in 2022, and the number is limited to only 300.

The XP1, with its hydrogen powerplant, can provide a range of 1630 kilometres (1016 miles) which is never seen before, even the upcoming Tesla Roadster has a range of 990 kilometres (620 miles), and this is the most extended range on any Tesla. Such a long-range is possible due to larger hydrogen tank than unlike the other hydrogen cars like BMW Hydrogen 7, Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity.

This Hyperion XP1 weighs just more than 1200 kg (2751 lb.) which is very much similar to any petrol-powered supercars these days, thanks to ultra-lightweight titanium-reinforced carbon fibre monocoque chassis.

Hyperion XP1 comes with four electric motors, one at each wheel powered by the central fuel cell. The supercar can achieve a speed of 356 km/h (221 mph) and can go 0 to 100 km/h (60 mph) in just 2.2 seconds, which is comparable with the Tesla Model S, which takes 2.3 seconds.

The car has a 3-speed automatic transmission, and thanks to ultracapacitors, it can produce vast amounts of the power output of the fuel cell to the motors. Overall Hyperion XP1 price and how much could it cost for all the hydrogen tech is a bit difficult to find.

Hydrogen Propulsion System

The most crucial factor of this Hyperion XP1 is that it utilizes hydrogen as its primary fuel. But what is the point of using hydrogen-powered cars when we have electric cars? Well, it’s easy. Electric cars like Tesla Model S can provide a range of 640 km (400 miles). Even million-dollar electric hypercars like Lotus Evija has a range of only 400 km (250 miles). But a hydrogen-powered car can deliver way more range than any EV.

There are many advantages hydrogen has over battery-powered vehicles. Like those mentioned earlier, it has a more extended range and takes significantly less time for refuelling. For the XP1, it takes less than 5 minutes to refuel. Also, it doesn’t get overheated due to heavy use as an electric vehicle.

One of its important advantages is its more efficient use of hydrogen fuel, and the emissions are almost zero. In the case of Hyperion XP1, the only byproduct is water vapour. There are many more advantages too.

In the case of a hydrogen propulsion system, it’s not very different from EVs, except that the power is generated on the spot. Hydrogen gas is fed from the tank to the fuel cell, where it’s mixed with oxygen. The resulting action creates heat and water vapour that then goes to a supercapacitor that feeds the electric motors. One more advantage of it is that you can build a tank twice big to store hydrogen, and you’ll get twice the range. Also, it does require rare earth metals like electric cars these days.

The Reason That Hydrogen Cars Aren’t Popular

There are several reasons that hydrogen power vehicles are not ready as production cars. It has fuel hurdles to clear before it can be introduced to production. One of these is hydrogens low density, unlike petrol. You can get a range of hundreds of miles out of few gallons.

To get that from hydrogen, it has to be stored under pressure that means the thank must be that strong to hold that pressure. Hydrogen’s flammability is another issue. Also, petrol has more flammability, but it can be solved using fuel cell technology. Implementing that technology for hydrogen cars, it’s too expensive. That’s why companies like Honda, TOYOTA and BMW have many hydrogen cars but not any of those is a production car.

But here we are talking about a hypercar. People interested in buying the Hyperion XP1 won’t care about the cost, which is a significant advantage. The Hyperion XP1 price is not revealed yet, but for sure it will be very expensive, and we will update the article as soon as we get information on the Hyperion XP1 price.


There are many difficulties making hydrogen cars successful, But the Hyperion XP1 is the beginning like the first-generation Tesla Roadster, which was limited in number with some drawbacks like shorted range compared to petrol cars. Still, companies like Tesla have improved their tech, and now many people prefer to buy an EV.

Angelo Kafantaris, CEO of HYPERION Motors willing to go down the same path as Tesla. Also, they have to build a massive network of hydrogen fuel systems like the Tesla supercharger network, which will not be simple.

HYPERION Motors view themselves as an energy company, who want to provide an efficient and more convenient option than petrol and battery stored power to the world and hence they have been working with hydron and want to created massive infrastructure power by hydrogen. And what better way to implement it in an automobile.

Hopefully, we get to see more hydrogen cars from different companies in the future. Tell us what do you think about this hydrogen-powered car and what is a good Hyperion XP1 price.

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