How to Master in CS:GO Competitive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most played games on the planet and some people have been playing it for so long. The game attracts thousands of new gamers every day and most of them couldn’t understand games physics. Beginners in CS:GO tends to play Casual or Deathmatch in the first place, but to higher rank faster, you have to play Competitive game mode. But everyone knows that Competitive is more severe and more complex than casual.

This article is about some of the things most beginners don’t know will make you better in the game.

  • Recoil and Spray control
  • Counter strafing
  • Nade Lineups
  • Game Economy
  • Map Callouts

Recoil and Spray control

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CS:GO is harder than other multiplayer games we have ever tested, its mechanics work differently and considering you know all the basics about game settings, guns, the bomb and physics, then let’s start with Counter Recoil.

If you auto-fire a rifle on a wall without moving the mouse, what you get on that wall is a Spray Pattern of that gun; each gun has a spray pattern like shown in this image.

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Spray Patterns of different guns
TLDeETR How to Master in CS:GO Competitive

So, while shooting, what you need to do is mimic the exact reverse of that spray pattern; we call it Recoil compensation. This will make you more accurate while gunfights; practice it with some of your favourite guns till you master it. You can easily get a spray pattern chart for every gun on the internet. Also, try using Recoil Master – Spray Training map by Mr Ulletical.

Counter strafing

In CS:GO, it’s impossible to hit the target while moving. Counter strafing means stopping instantly while moving, which grows your accuracy 100% for a very short time and you got to shoot your target at that very moment.

Like when you are moving right, pressing D on the keyboard, then release your D key and quickly press A key once and you will stop instantly and your accuracy will jump to 100% for a second and you got to shoot at the target at that time. Counter Strafing can be trickier for players but practice it with different guns; it will help you higher your rank. Most of the players prefer to use Desert Eagle while counter strafing, which is one hit kill headshot gun makes more fun to use.

Nade Lineups

CS:GO tricks

I think a player should not push a site without being backed up by Nades and there is a more efficient technique to do it. It’s called Lineups, just knowing some cool smoke and flashing lineups can improve your game more than you think, also helps your teammates a lot.

Just go on YouTube and search CS:GO Grenade Dust_2 (Name of the map) and you can find plenty of new grenade spots in the videos. You can also find some training material in the Steam workshop search for Map Grenade Training.

Map Callouts

In CS:GO, teamwork is important and having some info about maps can make communication a lot easy. If not aware of map callouts, you can find it at the top left corner while playing or simply Google search ‘CSGO callouts’ for every map callouts.

Remember you don’t need to know every inch of the map callout, just a few important ones are enough. Also try taking a look at how Pros in CS:GO communicate using map callouts.

Counter Strike 4K linux 5.1.16 How to Master in CS:GO Competitive
How to Master in CS:GO Competitive CS:GO Dust 2 Map Callouts chart

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Game Economy

The game economy is something that becomes very important while playing competitive mode in CS:GO. The economy of the game is not that simple. There are a lot of guns and different costs for them.

Expensive guns like Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles and Desert Eagle has more damage and easy to counter strafing with, But they have less kill reward.

On the other hand, cheap guns like Shotguns, SMGs, and Pistols allow fast attacks at close range but less damage and earn more money.

The chart below shows that victory gives you big reward money and defeat also gives you little reward money, with every defeat you get more reward money which can help your team make a successful comeback. Also, don’t forget to co-operate with teammates and give them a drop if they want or ask for a gun drop if you need.

CS:GO Game Economy Tag Territory
CS:GO Game Economy

There is some reason that this game is never out of trend. Overall, a lot is going on in this game and different aspects of the game make it a lot of fun. Consider all essential things while playing this game and best of luck for your Counter-Strike journey.

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